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Urrunaga Reservoir

Embalse de Urrunaga

The Urrunaga reservoir, also known as Villarreal, Legutio or Santa Engracia, is a firm favourite with many Basque anglers.

It is located in a high region that forms the border between Álava and Bizkaia, near the foothills of Gorbea mountain, and is used to supply drinking water to both provinces.

This enclave is one of Legutio’s main tourist attractions, which has promoted the development of various leisure, sports and relaxation related activities.

On one side of the banks of the reservoir the recreational areas of Sorgimendi and Zabalain, with picnic tables, grills, fountains, playgrounds, etc., have been installed. On the other, to the north is the Regatta Course , , which, due to its depth, accommodates sailing craft of up to 12 metres and is suitable for water skiing.


To get to the reservoir take the road that goes from Legutiano via the A-623 and A-2620 heading towards Arrasate-Mondragón. The entrance to the reservoir is at km 19, just after a right-hand bend.

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