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Maroño Reservoir

Embalse de Maroño - Álava Turismo

The Maroño reservoir, located near the village of the same name and belonging to the municipality of Ayala, is protected by the Sierra Salvada, a mountain range with steep slopes and craggy cliffs that rises up out of this valley in the north of Álava.

This beautiful spot has wide open spaces surrounded by green meadows.

There are several attractions in this area, unknown even by many from Álava, and the landscape is undoubtedly the first of these: together with the surroundings the waters of this lake which flow in from the river Izoria offer one of the most beautiful views in Álava and Euskadi. The seasons of the year fashion the colours and shapes, each with its own particular charm.

From Maroño Reservoir, built at the beginning of the 1990s, it is possible to see nearby mountain peaks such as Tologorri, Ungino and Eskutxi which, at 1,180 meters, represents the summit of the Sierra Salvada. Also worth admiring is the splendid wooded setting, made up of pines, oaks and shrubs.

Another attraction is the possibility to enjoy some fishing: the dam that holds back these waters receives many anglers trying to catch pike, the most abundant species, or trout (only between March and September). Added to which, the reservoir acts as a shelter for migratory birds which, due to the weather conditions, cannot circumvent the mountains.

In short, Maroño combines the ideal conditions to enjoy a day in a beautiful natural setting and stroll along its paths. Visitors also have a picnic area equipped with tables and grills, and until the Nervión linear park is completed, a 33 km walk along the river course from Arrankudiaga to Delika.

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The Maroño reservoir is 46 and 35 kilometres from Vitoria-Gasteiz and Bilbao, respectively. From Vitoria-Gasteiz take the N-622 to then link up with the AP-68 and A-624, while from Bilbao the best route is via the AP-68 and the A-625. In both cases, once at Amurrio head for Respaldiza and once at the Murga Industrial Estate take the left turning for Izoria and continue until you reach the reservoir.

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