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Albina Reservoir

Embalse de Albina

Albina is the smallest of the Zadorra system reservoirs. It is located some 9 kilometres from Vitoria-Gasteiz, on the river Albina, alongside the road that goes to the idyllic Aramaio valley, surrounded by woods in a setting which, for itself alone, deserves a visit.

The reservoir is approximately 4 kilometres long and has an elongated, tapered shape due to the narrowing of the river.

Like a small sea set between deep woods, creating a beautiful vignette of the lake. Below its waters lie large stone slabs to remind us that this was once the old road that led to Aramaio.

Sailing or bathing is not permitted at Abina, nor any other leisure activity, except for fishing. Also worth mentioning is the existence of a zone considered to be a “nudist area”.


To get to the reservoir take the road that goes from Legutiano via the A-623 and A-2620 heading towards Arrasate-Mondragón. The entrance to the reservoir is at km 19, just after a right-hand bend.