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Abbey Tower

Torre Abacial de Laguardia

The Abbey tower is the detached bell tower at the foot of the Church of Santa Maria. It is a castle tower that was used to defend the west part of the town walls, behind the great castle and its towers, which defended the northern part of the village.

It has a square floor plan modelled on those that were built in Italy and the Catalonian Pyrenees at the beginning of the Romanesque period.

We can see two different periods in its construction and style.

The first corresponds to transitional Romanesque (late C12th and early C13th). The paired windows and the arch on the eastern façade are from this period. The image of The Saviour with Romanesque features appears on the spandrels of the upper windows on the east side, most probably salvaged from another building.

The second, which dates from the 13th to 14th centuries, the image appears on the windows of the first floor along with the image of San Benito, which is above the east balcony, embedded in a sharply pointed gable capped with a fleuron.

It is said that this tower may have belonged to a monastery (hence the image of San Benito) and was called Torre Abacial (Abbey Tower) for many years. At its base there is a rainwater cistern that was used to supply local people with this precious liquid.

Must see: The spectacular landscapes visible from the tower

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Historic centre of Laguardia

Laguardia is 48 kilometres from Vitoria-Gasteiz, taking the A-2124a through the Puerto de Vitoria mountain pass and the BU- to reach the N-232a which takes us to our destination. This is an interesting scenic route but it is also possible to go via the A-1, N-124 and the N-232a.

Laguardia is less than 20 kilometres from Logroño via the N-232a.


Abbey Tower

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